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Ted Reagle

Vice President
​Wealth Management Advisor

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Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor Ted Reagle joined Grey Ledge Advisors in 2019, bringing to the team a diverse and valuable set of skills obtained throughout his 30-year professional career. 

After spending more than 25 years working in the life science and biotech industry in sales and marketing leadership positions, Ted pivoted into the financial services industry to pursue his passion for financial planning. In his current role, Ted has demonstrated a commitment to helping every client achieve their financial goals and dreams by developing and following a comprehensive financial plan — a dynamic, living document that is updated as life changes occur — to help ensure clients are on-track toward pursuing their financial objectives.

Away from the office, Ted is an avid outdoorsman — enjoying activities such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing. Every year, he connects with his childhood friends for an “off the grid” canoeing trip to Canada. He has been married for 30 years and he and his wife have two adult children. Ted is known for his contributions to his community, and he serves on two local nonprofit boards — the Association for Community Organization and Resource Development (ACORD, Inc.) and Friends of L’Arche Connecticut Shoreline.

Ted earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Middlebury College in 1984 and his Master of Business Administration from Yale University in 1991. He brings nearly 30 years of large corporation experience to Grey Ledge Advisors, including 15 years with Eastman Kodak Company and five years with Roche Diagnostics. For several years, Ted was an adjunct lecturer at the Southern Connecticut State University School of Business.

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