Credit Unions

Expertise earned from decades of credit union industry experience.

We know your business, so we bring a different thought process and methodology for doing business with the credit union industry. We are focused on your results and providing predictable outcomes. Whether you are looking at employees’ retirement outcomes or executive benefit expense offsets, we are here for you.

As a credit union, your primary responsibility is to act in the best interests of your members; as a fiduciary, Grey Ledge Advisors’ primary responsibility is to act in your best interests. As an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, our team deals directly with you to develop your plan, invest your assets, and manage your portfolio.

At GLA we believe transparency is the key to a value-based relationship. This level of transparency and full disclosure ensures clients, especially those who are governed by a Board of Directors or a Finance Committee and may also have a fiduciary obligation, will have confidence that their assets and objectives will be managed to their expectations.

We are independent and will choose the best options for your credit union. We build custom portfolios that meet your needs and objectives. This customization is based on your asset and liability management (ALM) and balance sheet strategies — helping you diversify while accomplishing your long-term objectives.

GLA’s investment process allows for efficient dedicated portfolio models, lowering your cost of ownership and keeping to a managed result — one you can understand. Your portfolio may include individually held equities, bonds, U.S. Treasuries, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), master limited partnerships (MLPs), and (when appropriate) hedging strategies.

GLA can provide solutions to help your credit union recruit, retain, and reward your employees and executive leadership with plans including executive benefits plans, 401(k) programs, and asset management to help you manage your balance sheet.

Helping our clients achieve their financial goals