Investment solutions to help your organization make a greater impact on the community

All of us at Grey Ledge Advisors take our commitment to our communities seriously. Whether it’s time spent volunteering or service on a board or committee, we all contribute in some way. That experience helps us to be better, more passionate advisors to our non-profit and not-for-profit clients.

When we work with a charitable organization with an existing endowment, we manage your portfolio to ensure that it aligns with your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). We also work with you to make sure your portfolio’s investment returns can support your organization’s goals for distributing gifts or grants, maximizing the impact your organization can have in supporting your community.

If you have just started an endowment, we will work with you to establish clear investment guidelines to meet your gifting/grant goals. We will also assist you in the creation of an IPS to support your overall long-term investing strategy.

If you receive a gift of publicly traded marketable securities, we will sell the shares and transfer the proceeds to your investment account or bank account. This will free up time to focus on your important mission, and the service is offered free of charge.

Helping our clients achieve their financial goals